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Farah Stables El Gouna

Farah Stables El Gouna

Farah Stables El Gouna

For those who have lived in El Gouna for a while, or have been visiting El Gouna for years, would have seen a sudden and unexpected change to Yalla Stables situated just off the main road between Downtown and The Abu Tig Marina areas of El Gouna. Yalla stables turned, very quickly, into Farah Stables El Gouna with a new look, a new name and a new logo – a very sophisticated and striking logo I might add.

Yalla Stables was El Gouna’s earliest horse stables. Opening in 2000 by German / Swiss owners it was, believe it or not, out in the desert. Back then, El Gouna is not what it is today and that area, although in the heart of El Gouna now, was the wild west of El Gouna. As El Gouna continues to grow rapidly and now the area just Next to Upper Nubia is very central to El Gouna.

What is Farah Stables?

In contrast to Yalla Stables who were a commercial horse stable, offering sunset horseback rides, beach gallops etc, Farah is a private stable. This means that proud horse owners lodge their horses at Farah and their horses are only ridden by the owners. If the owners are living in El Gouna, they can provide any extras for their beloved companions, but Farah takes care of everything on behalf of their clients from grooming and feeding to all the emotional needs of the horses.

Who is behind Farah Stables?

I was approached by Joelle Zone, a Belgian horse owner who was actually a client of the aforementioned Yalla stables, to come and have a look at the stables and the horses and find the story behind the quick change. As a curious person, I was glad at the invite and sat with Joelle to hear what had transpired.

Joelle’s mother had bought a villa in El Gouna a number of years ago and so the family had been regular visitors to El Gouna. Having loved horses most of her life and being a regular visit to El Gouna, she decided to ship her horse to El Gouna which she kept at Yalla. And so, Joelle was only a client of Yalla, housing her own horse, named Farah, without knowing what the future would hold for her.

Sadly for Yalla horse stables, their contract in El Gouna had come to an end. Joelle, upon one of her visits, realized that El Gouna needed a private horse stable and took it upon herself to negotiate new ownership of the grounds. The timing could not have been better and within weeks, her and Phillipe had transformed the grounds into a private stable worthy of El Gouna. Adding a kitchen, showers, staff quarters and much, much more, they have truly waved a magic wand over the stables.


There are another two characters that have to be mentioned. In my experience, horse lovers always have dogs. These dogs are always well trained – we can’t have a standoff between horses and dogs – and so the dogs are always well-natured and friendly. And so was Mila, the little terrier who reminded me of Snowy from the infamous Belgian comic books “Tintin”. As it turns out, Milu is the Belgian (and therefore original) name of the hero’s faithful friend.

But more importantly, Joelle could not stop commenting on the work ethic, character, and talent of Tito. He is the stable hand who is the foundation of all the horse care and maintenance at Farah Stables.


The Stables

After tea, we took a stroll through the premises and watched the horses. Joelle showed me how they had redesigned the roofs of the stables. Naturally, it would be a far cry to air condition each stable and so natural techniques are used. The roofs used to be domed with reed mesh, but Jolle took it a step further and had a more European style made. Still using the woven reed, the roof is gabled, meaning it has two sloping sides, much like any house you might find in Europe. But the sloping sides are raised on vertical sides, creating an extra path for air to flow. I was amazed at how cool it was inside the stable on that hot day. The sun was directly overhead and there was enough shade to keep the heat of the sun out, and enough gaps to let the hot air out while bringing in the cool air from below.

Each stable has its own outdoor area, cordoned off from its neighbor, allowing the horses to go in and out of their stables as they please. These are all very cleverly laid out to maximize the available space.

We carried on to the food store where I learned that only the best foods are provided and shipped from Cairo. Then to the facilities room where she showed me the saddles and bridles that they supply at Farah Stables. Again, only the best. Joelle explained to me that she was researching and experimenting with bitless bridles. This is another positive step in better horse care in that the horse does not need anything in its mouth with the potential to damage. But for the time being, she uses only the finest quality bits for the horses.

What else can you expect from Farah Stables?

Because Farah Stables is a private stable, Joelle doesn’t have the concerns of commercial riding and can, therefore, dedicate all her resources to the care of the resident horses. They have a large outdoor riding area, feed/hay that is tailored to the horse’s needs, salt and water are readily available, organic insect repellent, daily showers for the horses and daily stall cleaning. Nothing is left undone!

The opening heading on the Farah Stables website sums up their service perfectly:  Great facility for the rider, unequaled care for your horse. I have no doubt that this is true.

For more information:


Phone / Whatsapp: +20 106 846 71 00


Address: Upper Nubia, El Gouna

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday: 7:00am – 8:00pm

For horse riding excursions, visit Habiba Horse on Facebook @HabibaHorse



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